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Training and Consulting

For the transaction coordinator wanting to learn the ropes or expand to the state of North Carolina. And for the new real estate agent looking for a safe place to learn all the details of how transactions work. One-on-one sessions to meet you where you are. 

Transaction Flows

Learn the contract to close process in North Carolina and all of its variables in step by step detail.

North Carolina Paperwork

An overview of the most commonly used North Carolina documents and how to know when they are required. Also learn how to efficiently review a file for compliance and manage getting document corrections completed. 


Go over all the variables and moving parts that go into successfully coordinating inspections, property surveys and repairs.

Exclusive Processes

Access to exclusive processes and checklists for when and how to keep up with all of the moving parts, tasks, and emails on the way to closing. 

Task List

Learn what to include in your North Carolina contract to close task list so nothing is missed.


Review of all of the different roles that make a transaction happen and how to best communicate with all parties. Learn what email templates will help you save time as you make sure everyone has all of the info they need throughout the transaction.


Learn all the tools, systems, and software you will need to run your independent transaction coordination business.

Open Curriculum

Use the session to talk about any subject you would like or address any questions you have. 

Contact me today to find out more and schedule your first session!

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