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About Me

 My name is Brittany Freeman. I sold real estate with Town and Mountain Realty in Asheville, NC for 4 years and then started my own successful independent transaction coordination business from scratch, working with dozens of individual agents, teams, and firms across the state of North Carolina and managed hundreds of closings each year. I love working in this exciting industry and helping others break into the TC business!  I also have a passion for explaining all aspects of how real estate works in this state. 

I was born and raised on Hilton Head Island, SC and lived in Charleston, SC for a few years until I graduated from the College of Charleston. I made the move from beach to Blue Ridge Mountains 10 years ago to find a cooler climate and an inspired, artistic community of people. I'm incredibly lucky to have lived in three gorgeous cities. When I'm not coordinating real estate, I am outside playing and hiking with my two cattle dogs, Peanut and Scout. I also spend time creating art. For many years I have been an acrylic landscape painter and I also sell hand drawn greeting cards in my Etsy shop.  

I enjoy forming lasting relationships with the agents and admins I work with and showing up for them when challenges arise. I hope to be an empowering and emotional support for you through the ups and downs of this business. I would love the opportunity to meet you!

My DISC Style: Technician - SCi

"Brittany, you tend to be optimistic and encouraging to others. This comes not only from your natural positive spirit, but also from your high degree of sincerity. When combined, these traits allow you to maintain a positive attitude even in the midst of high stress or negativity in the workplace. This attitude can have a positive effect on the team.

You demonstrate a high degree of competence in your areas of expertise, and continuously strive to improve your skills and knowledge base. This trait comes from a few sources: your high interest in quality control, your natural curiosity, and your patience in learning and doing things the right way. When you succeed in an area, you tend to raise the bar and subsequently try to improve. This makes you an excellent role model for others on the team."

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